October 12, 2010 - Yosemite Valley LA and NA
After the blistering heat there it was, the big  thunderstorm turning the night into day. As the valley drowned we left for San Francisco. After passing by our clothing sponsor Mountain Hardwear we went into down town San Francisco. We had Sushi and went to a Japanese hardrock concert. That was enough of the urban life for us, we decided to get out of the city as fast as possible. To the Captain!
The right side of the wall is extremely steep, some routes stay dry even with continuous rain. We decide to go for  “Lost in America”. The A4 rated route has a downfall potential of up to 20 meters. The climbing guide recommends to plan 5 to 7 days  for the climb. After 40 hours in the wall and a short night on the portaledge we reach again the top of the El Capitan, recovering from our San Francisco trip…
After a day off with pizza, beer and coke we`re at the NA (North American Wall). The first ascent of this “Masterpiece” was made in 1964  by Royal Robbins and his companions. Without harness and climbing shoes. An unbelievable achievement. People spoke about the most difficult rock climb ever done. We fixed 70 metre the day before. That way, we pass the 27 pitches in 14 hours. Our system works well and it`s fun to climb a 1000 meter wall. We are not going to break any speedrecords in the valley. You would have to spend days and days studying the different climbing progressions. We`re more about climbing different classics every time.
Two weeks until our flight back home. Not sure what`s going to happen in the meantime but we`re definitely happy about our trip so far.