October 02, 2010 - Yosemite Valley
Ten Days ago Samuel and me arrived in Yosemite Valley. The weather was really hot: up to 35°C. But we could climb El Capitan allready four times: Westface 5.11c 19 pitches in 6h 20min, Lurking Fear 5.7 C2 19 pitches in 10h 55min, Zodiac 5.7 A2 in 12h 20min and Tangerine Trip 5.7 A3 17 pitches in 13h 58min. Because of the heat we climbed Zodiac by night. Our goal of this trip is to get more experienced in bigwall-climbing. We try to climb El Capitan like on a first ascent in alpine stile: fast and light. 
For the next few days the forecast doesen't look as good. So we will have to go for the smaller cliffs in the valley.

More news and pics soon.

Simon Anthamatten