Beside our own climbing and skiing activities, we work as Mountain Guides. ( Simon is UIAGM Mountain Guide since 2006 and Samuel since 2010 ) Our goal is not only to creat a unique alpine experience. We aim to form our client to a complete alpinist, climber, skier and safe rope-partner. Every objective, doesn’t matter if it’s the Eigernorthface or the first 4000metre peak, requires motivation, endurance and experience. With our experience we are pleased to help to achieve your personal alpine dreams.

Matterhorn Zmuttridge

The Zmuttridge is for some Matterhorn experts the most interesting ridge on the mountain - one of the big ridges of the Alps. It’s recommendable to start at the Hornlihut. Early in summer usually the conditions are the best.

Matterhorn Zmuttridge: CHF 1400

Eigernorthface Heckmair

You are a well versed alpinist. Classic alpine climbs like in the alps you usually did with your own rope-partners. As second you climb fast and save on 5.10 (6a) and WI5. 800metres vertical height on a walking path you do easily in 1 hour. Then you satisfy basic prerequisite for an ascent on the Eigernorthface. On a preparation tour we get used to each other. If you perform good enough for this project, we only have to wait for best conditions in the wall. If you are not strong enough yet, we suggest doing another training tour or                                              training day

- Eigernorthface one day ascent: CHF 3800
- Eigernorthface two day ascent: CHF 4800
- Preparation Tour: CHF 1200

   (Breithornnordwand, Lyskammnordwand, Viereselsgrat, etc.)

- Training day: CHF 600

   (Rock climbing, Ice climbing)

Eigernorthface Heckmair for UIAGM Mountain Guides

You are a certified UIAGM Mountain Guide. You have been guiding for many years, perhaps you even have more experience than us. It was always your dream to climb the Eigernorthface but you have never had an equivalent partner or the time to realise the project. Let us know we will do the face together.

Eigernorthface Heckmair for UIAGM Mountain Guides in one day: CHF 2800

Marinellicouloir Monte Rosa Eastface

If you are a passionate freerider and already did a couple of steep runs... The longest couloir in the Alps is waiting for you. It goes from Silbersattel 4515 meter in the direction of Italy.

50°-40° steep area with over 2500 meter of altitude. This descent is the real dream of every ambitious freerider. We will guide you through this immense wall. (2 guides, max. 2 guests)
Obligatory training day: steep descends in the area of Zermatt

-Marinelli couloir descent: CHF 2800
-Training day: CHF 750

Triftji-ridge Breithorn northface

The Triftji-ridge is an ambitious descent right in our backyard starting by the westsummit of Breithorn 4163 meter.

Controlled turns in a steep area and rope handling experience is necessary. (2 guides, max. 3 guests)
Obligatory training day: steep descents in the area of Zermatt

-Triftji-ridge descent: CHF 2800
-Training day: CHF 750

More tours:

Let us know about your dream tour. It’s a pleasure for us to guide you!

- Matterhorn Hörnliridge - Eiger Mittellegiridge
- Matterhorn Furggridge - Lyskamm Northface
- Breithorn Youngridge - Arête du Diable
- Weisshorn Schaliridge - Mont Maudit Arête Küffner
- Weisshorn Northridge - Grand Capucin
- Zinalrothorn Rothornridge - Rimpfischhorn Northridge
- Obergabelhorn Arbenridge - Alphubel Rotridge
- Dent Blanche Viereselsridge - Breithorn Welzenbach
- Dent Blanche Wandfluhridge